Tips for modern designer Living room decor

It is every homeowner’s desire to have a modern designer living room. It is both refreshing and relaxing to live in a space that is beautiful and comfortable. We have sampled some amazing tips based on this location in Phoenix to help you transform your living room d├ęcor into a modern designer look:living-room-decor
Carefully Select Colors
The feeling in the living room space will be largely determined by the selection of colors. How energizing or relaxing a living room space will depend on the warmth, coolness and vividness of the colors selected. For instance to create a cool and relaxed feeling, shades of blue and white will work perfectly. On the hand for a balanced feeling, consider a tan living room.
Create a focal point for the room.

A natural focal point for the majority of homes is the fireplace or TV. To avoid having competing focal points, pair them up. A magnificent view or attractive piece of art can also act as the focal point of a room.
Accessories and Artwork
Hanging stunning art collections on your wall will bring it to life. Hang the art items low close to the furnishings and group them to create an impact. Since the living room is a space for congregating the furniture arrangement should encourage interaction and conversation. To create an intimate feeling ensure the seats are placed facing one another.
Comfortable Flooring
Comfortable flooring is important for the living room since it is a space for congregating and relaxing. For style select flooring that makes a bold statement with floral or striped patterns. A neutral floor will help maintain the focus on the furniture or artwork.

Layered Lighting
Layered lighting will create a relaxed and comfortable feeling in the living room. Ensure there is a proper light distribution with the triangular lighting technique. Illuminate the entire room with overhead light fixtures. Draw attention to something using accent lighting at wall level. Use recessed light or table lamps for reading and relaxing.
Window Treatments
According to Maid Complete to add luxury to your living room select window treatments that make a statement. For example floor to ceiling drapes that puddle on the floor in luxurious folds.
Trim and Molding
Add character and style to the living room with trim and molding to cover the seams where walls meet ceilings and floors.
These tips will help you create a contemporary designer living room space. For amazing home

— February 24, 2016