The Craps Rules

By admin

Craps is an exciting and high valued casino game which attracts a number of players both at online and offline casinos. Players play the craps game on a special table called “craps board” and use two dice. The manufacture of the craps dice followed certain standards and norms. In this article, I will discuss the craps rules.

craps rules

Every bet made in the craps game is done so by dealing three cards face up in front of you and raising the hand which is passed on to the dealer. A player would then raise the “white” die and if the bet is made before the dealer passes the hand, he would win the bet and if not, the player has to bet again and the new bet would be the second bet of the hand. This is done till the dealer finds out that the hand has not been won already. The next bet after this is made by the dealer and it is called as “red” die.

Another thing that you must know about the craps rules is that there are three other factors that influence the results of a game and these are called “the house” and “the bankroll”. The first factor, which is termed as “the house”, refers to the amount of money a person has in his bankroll to play craps games. Hence, the more money a person has in his bankroll, the better is the outcome of all his betting. Thus, those players who have large bankrolls will usually win all their bets. Whereas the small players usually loose all their bets.

The second factor, which is also known as the “bankroll”, refers to the number of players in a single craps game. Different casinos assign different numbers to the players in a game so that it will be easier for them to calculate the chances of winning and losing. But the casino staff at most casinos do not have any idea about these two factors or even how to solve problems related to these factors. Hence, they end up giving wrong decisions in the play of craps games.

The third factor, which is also referred to as the “dice”, is used in the casinos to decide whether a player has to stand or sit during the middle of a craps game. Usually, the players are placed in certain positions such that their chances of winning and losing are equal. But, due to the introduction of the dices, it is possible to increase or decrease the chances of winning and losing. Usually, the player who throws the dice gains an advantage. But this advantage is only applicable when the throw was successful.

If a player successfully throws the dices, he gets to buy a number of balls from the dealer that is equal to the number of dices that were successfully thrown. But if a shooter successfully throws the dices and it is not a successful throw, then he does not get to buy any balls. Thus, these three factors, which are known as the craps rules, form the basic structure of this casino game.