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  • How to give your dull kitchen a Facelift

    The kitchen today is not only a place to prepare meals but also congregate and socialize with family and friends. It has become the heart of the home. Remodeling or upgrading the kitchen is a costly project to undertake. Nonetheless, being the heart of the home, the kitchen must be unique and establish the criteria for the rest of the rooms in the home.

    modern-kitchenEverybody desires to own a modern designer kitchen with the latest appliances, fixtures, worktops, and accessories. However, not everyone can afford to install all the modern fixtures in their kitchen.
    Here are some amazing ideas to give your dull and outdated kitchen a much-needed facelift:
    • Painting the Walls
    Freshen up the kitchen look by painting the walls. It is the simplest and most affordable kitchen upgrade. A fresh coat of paint will make the kitchen look cleaner. White still remains the safest kitchen color. To make your kitchen appear larger go for lighter paint. Remember neutral colors blend perfectly with artwork, accessories and are easy to customize to suit your taste. A kitchen with a neutral color scheme will add value during home resale.
    • Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors
    Replacing old and dull kitchen cabinet doors with modern custom doors is an easy way to refresh the cabinets without dramatic changes. There are numerous kitchen cabinet door styles you can try out. A classic kitchen would blend perfectly with solid wood cabinet doors. Other great options include pine and oak. Hand-less gloss cabinet doors are the modern choice for kitchen today.
    • Modern Kitchen Worktops
    Old kitchen worktops can be replaced easily with fresh modern ones. According to Maid Complete worn out kitchen worktops can make the entire kitchen look outdated. There numerous kitchen worktop materials and styles to upgrade your kitchen such laminate, granite, marble, stone, solid wood and quartz. Select a worktop color scheme that blends perfectly with your kitchen.
    • Appliance Upgrade
    Updating your kitchen appliances can be costly. Purchasing the latest, most efficient and stylish ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers etc. will definitely hurt your wallet. The American style fridge freezer is a great modern kitchen centerpiece. The oven is another great addition. Your kitchen update will not be complete without upgrading the appliances.
    • Kitchen Floor Replacement
    Replacing your dilapidated kitchen floor with quality and stylish material that blends with the rest of the kitchen accessories is a major facelift. Floor tiles can be hard and cold, installing floor heating systems can make the kitchen much comfortable. Solid wood still remains a classic choice for kitchen floors. Other options include laminate, bamboo, cork etc. depending on your taste.


    February 25, 2016

  • Tips for modern designer Living room decor

    It is every homeowner’s desire to have a modern designer living room. It is both refreshing and relaxing to live in a space that is beautiful and comfortable. We have sampled some amazing tips based on this location in Phoenix to help you transform your living room décor into a modern designer look:living-room-decor
    Carefully Select Colors
    The feeling in the living room space will be largely determined by the selection of colors. How energizing or relaxing a living room space will depend on the warmth, coolness and vividness of the colors selected. For instance to create a cool and relaxed feeling, shades of blue and white will work perfectly. On the hand for a balanced feeling, consider a tan living room.
    Create a focal point for the room.

    A natural focal point for the majority of homes is the fireplace or TV. To avoid having competing focal points, pair them up. A magnificent view or attractive piece of art can also act as the focal point of a room.
    Accessories and Artwork
    Hanging stunning art collections on your wall will bring it to life. Hang the art items low close to the furnishings and group them to create an impact. Since the living room is a space for congregating the furniture arrangement should encourage interaction and conversation. To create an intimate feeling ensure the seats are placed facing one another.
    Comfortable Flooring
    Comfortable flooring is important for the living room since it is a space for congregating and relaxing. For style select flooring that makes a bold statement with floral or striped patterns. A neutral floor will help maintain the focus on the furniture or artwork.

    Layered Lighting
    Layered lighting will create a relaxed and comfortable feeling in the living room. Ensure there is a proper light distribution with the triangular lighting technique. Illuminate the entire room with overhead light fixtures. Draw attention to something using accent lighting at wall level. Use recessed light or table lamps for reading and relaxing.
    Window Treatments
    According to Maid Complete to add luxury to your living room select window treatments that make a statement. For example floor to ceiling drapes that puddle on the floor in luxurious folds.
    Trim and Molding
    Add character and style to the living room with trim and molding to cover the seams where walls meet ceilings and floors.
    These tips will help you create a contemporary designer living room space. For amazing home

    February 24, 2016

  • Home Improvement: Lighting Matters

    Design-Slide5Be it for one’s own home comfort or convenience there are a couple of ways to set the mood for the guests. Lighting is one. It is part of the biggest opportunities to easily yet effectively influence the home ambience. Emotional responses are elicited in a wide range when lighting is skillfully applied. It makes a dinner more romantic and intimate. It makes a party more cheerful too.

    As part of a home improvement plan, one may opt from many lighting options. There are accent lights, ones made of LED, lamps, chandeliers and overhead ones. With these choices, the set of the scene is yours to decide depending on the type of mood you’d want to achieve.

    So, choose well. Impress your guests by applying lighting choices all throughout the house. This also increases your levels of enjoyment and comfort.


    In the dark days of winter, lighting is perfect and the most important thing to consider.


    Experts say that once the holiday trimmings are packed away and the additional sunshine are still weeks away, it may become hard to choose which lighting to use. A fixture of simplicity may not necessarily suffice.

    According to the experts it is all about the delicate balance and striking the correct one. There are three options for easy reference: accent, task and ambient.

    When you say accent, it’s a set off piece. The primary use is to showcase object specifically. It is used to 5134664highlight either the significance of the piece or its relevance to the design. Art, sculptures even books are great for accenting. Architectural house details or a wall that is texture is also a good consideration.

    Picture lights and track lighting are mentioned as common accent lighting types. It is also good to mention candles as part of this classification. The  soft light is emanates is good for setting the atmosphere in the room.


    For an overall room illumination, ambient is the way to go. Sconces, recessed lighting and chandeliers are part of this group.

    Light levels may be controlled in ambient lighting with the use of dimmers. Note the same room with friends and family that has a happy and bright scenery to change into something romantic when dimly lit for a dinner date effect. It is through the effective use of the dimmer.

    Thirdly, the task lighting. As the name implies, when one is performing specific activities or tasks like going to the bathroom, cooking or anything that needs to be accomplished, task lighting takes over.


    Preparation areas in the kitchen, for example, may use pendant lights or ones under cabinet. This will illuminate the entire kitchen space. Table and floor lamps, on the other hand, provide ample lighting in bedrooms and living areas for leisure or guests.

    Sconces and bath bars are ideal for bathrooms in any given tasks. Nowadays, pendant lights lend a contemporary look and are becoming quite a popular choice.

    Ensure though a balance of light in the bathroom to prevent shadows. Even lighting create a good set up when doing your make-up and shaving.


    1Nightstands are considered hands of the bedroom, if we are to take the eyes as windows to the homes. It is because once you are in place to sleep, you’d want all essentials to be within arms reach. Access to things you may need for the next hours of sleep is the main concern and consideration.

    Being functional is the main use so consider what your needs are. You may also opt for stylish and chic choices, again consider your lifestyle and fashion statements.

    There are ones that are both user friendly and easy on the eye. If you frequent local flea markets, and have the patience to do so, a beautiful antique furniture can be both aesthetic as it is utilitarian.

    February 1, 2016